SMM Social Media Marketing

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a complex of business promotion services in social networks, where profile packaging is created, a promotion strategy is developed to effectively attract a new audience and convert it into a buyer.


What's it?

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a set of business promotion services in social networks, where profile packaging is created, a promotion strategy is developed to effectively attract a new audience and convert it into a buyer, so we create creative content that will be interesting and resonate with the target audience of your business. This also includes the effective promotion of an account on a social network.

What you get with the right targeting setup:

Our work is based on the principles of transparency of our steps and actions:

Increase loyalty

It has been proven that interaction in social networks is many times more effective than advertising in videos, for example. A well-built strategy of interaction with the audience is the key to repeat sales.

Increasing the customer base

Popular social networks are several tens of millions of users. We will help you choose the most effective audience and successfully promote the product.

Reducing advertising costs

SMM is the most budget-friendly type of customer engagement. You choose yourself: how much to spend on advertising today.

Reduced competition

The one who keeps up with the trends is always ahead of the competition, We will select the most profitable social networks for you to promote.

What exactly is included in our work?

The work of an SMM specialist begins with studying the client's business. We analyze the niche, competitors, target audience. After that, we develop a rubricator, prescribe the main topics, create a design of the design. We are writing a content plan. In the process of work, we create and publish posts and stories, communicate with the audience, launch community promotion, make crops — we post our posts in other communities. We order advertising from bloggers. We regularly analyze the results and see what can be improved.

A simple and optimal process of working with us: the startup algorithm consists of 5 steps

Leave a request. Within 2-3 days we will give feedback on your case


We conduct an express audit for free, where we identify the main strategies. Analyzing the niche. And we give you time to think


Forming a list of requests. We select the optimal strategy. We are sending a commercial offer.


We coordinate the prices for promotion, sign the contract.


Let's start the work!


We answer the questions

Is SMM suitable for our business?

If you offer goods and services for people, then there is a 99% probability that SMM is suitable for you. This tool allows you to tell potential customers about yourself with minimal costs.

How many customers will come to us with SMM?

SMM is primarily not about direct sales. Sales with SMM are possible, but in the future. The main goals of promotion are to tell about the brand, build trust and reputation, which, in turn, affect sales.

Our main task is sales. Why can't you only make advertising posts about products?

Because it doesn't work. People come to the social network to relax and read something useful and interesting. Will they want to read that your brand is doing well? Unlikely. Therefore, it is better to make useful content about the brand: various collections, life hacks, instructions, tips. Users will subscribe to such an account in order to gain experience and benefit. Additionally, they will get acquainted with your brand.

Why do different social networks need different content?

Different content is not always needed. It all depends on the goal and the audience. If, for example, a brand has B2B and B2C directions, then we collect a B2B audience in Western social networks and make appropriate content for it. And for B2C, we make a page in Instagram and write posts that will interest this particular audience.

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