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Our company provides website development that provides the best user experience, loading speed and functionality. We develop websites using modern technologies such as MPA and PWA.


In our work, we use the Agile methodology to ensure flexibility in the development process and rapid response to changes. You can constantly monitor development progress and make necessary adjustments. We always listen to your wishes and work together with you to create the perfect solution that fully meets your needs and expectations. Thus, you receive not only high-quality software, but also satisfaction from the result of the work.

During application development, we follow a DevOps approach that integrates software development and operational processes to speed up releases, improve software quality, and increase software reliability. It includes practices such as build automation, testing and deployment, process monitoring and optimization, configuration management and much more. An important element of DevOps is collaboration between developers and operations engineers, and the use of tools and technologies that simplify processes. DevOps helps us increase efficiency, improve product quality, and speed up response times to changes in the business environment.

Our company develops reactive, modern MPA, PWA sites

MPA (multi-page application)

MPA sites are web applications that consist of several pages, each of which is separately loaded from the server. They are well suited for sites that do not require frequent data updates, for example, online stores or information sites.

PWA (progressive web application)

PWA sites are web applications that can work offline and be installed on the user’s device like a regular mobile application. They are well suited for sites that require frequent data updates, such as news portals or social networks.

Our team develops a website for:

Online stores

MPA sites can help you develop various features for shoppers, such as personalized recommendations, live chat, and site search.

Food or taxi ordering services

MPA sites can help you develop a feature for ordering food or taxis through your website.

Learning Resources

MPA sites can be useful for sites that offer online training or courses, as they can help you develop features such as tests, online classes and video tutorials.

Tourism and travel services

MPA sites can help you develop features for searching and booking hotels, flights, and excursions.

Non-profit organizations

MPA sites can help you develop fundraising, event registration, and other features that will help your nonprofit achieve its goals.

Product catalogs

MPA sites can help you develop search, filter, and sort functionality for products, as well as interactive photos and videos to display products.

Restaurants and cafes

MPA sites can help you develop online ordering, reviews and ratings features to help visitors make better choices.

Companies offering services

MPA sites can help you develop features for scheduling services, online consultations, and payment for services.

Advantages of MPA sites


Fast loading

MPAs load only the portion of content needed on the current page, so they tend to open faster.


Better indexing by search engines

Search engines are better at indexing each page individually, which can increase your site's visibility in search results.


Improved user experience

MPAs can be user-friendly because they allow you to easily navigate a site without having to reload the page.


Best offline support

MPAs can work even if the user does not have an Internet connection, since they can be downloaded and run in a browser.

Why should you choose WebDad?

In the developer world, the first is called front-end, and the second is called back-end. If you are looking for front-end development services (for example, you need a website), you should go with a dedicated front-end development company with a strong portfolio and experience.














We use the following technology stack to develop the interface, but are not limited to them.

The process of developing a website for your project


Gathering requirements

At this stage, the client’s requirements are collected, goals and expectations are determined, competitors and audiences are analyzed. As a result, a technical specification for creating a website is formed.



At this stage, site layouts are created, structure and functionality are determined, colors, fonts and other design elements are selected.



This is the longest stage at which all website elements are created and configured, from front-end to back-end. Developers use various programming languages and frameworks.



At this stage, the functionality of the site is checked, errors and bugs are corrected, and compliance with the technical specifications is checked.



After testing and eliminating all errors, the site is ready to launch. Final testing is carried out before launch.


Support and support

Website development does not end when it is launched. The site needs to be constantly updated, new functions introduced, its performance monitored, its security ensured, etc. This requires constant support and maintenance of the site.



Each photo uploaded to the resource is saved in several versions. These options provide for displaying images in webp and jpeg format, as well as several options for various screen sizes.


We answer questions

What development tool is the bot designed on?

We use the Python programming language. It is considered one of the most common due to its ease of use and wide functionality.

How long does it take to create a chatbot?

Is it possible to expand the functionality in the future?

How much does it cost to make a chatbot?

It is difficult to estimate the budget for developing a chatbot. The price depends on who is developing it (yourself or an agency), for what purposes, and how complex the functionality will be. We consulted with an expert and provided a very rough price range. $3000–5000 — the price of complex bots with the involvement of developers.

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  1. Our experienced specialist will contact you after carefully analyzing your requirements and needs.
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  3. We will work step by step to achieve your goals, ensuring transparency and effective communication.
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