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We don't just follow modern technologies - we determine their future. With our advanced technology skills, we create innovative solutions that transform businesses and improve people's lives.

Who we are

We are WEBDAD, an ambitious IT company, our mission is to help businesses automate routine processes

We work with people who have a purpose. We'll add a valuable digital skill set to your organisation and create innovative, highly creative digital work that will help increase your online impact.

From websites to apps, our highly skilled and experienced team can help you


We help people and companies to improve their lives by providing simple and convenient solutions from the every day to the most important. Today and for years to come


Our Values:

Our values are the basis of our attitude to life and work, an internal compass that helps us make decisions in difficult situations, principles to which we are faithful always and everywhere

Everything for the customer

All our activities are built around and for the interests of our clients. We want to surprise and delight our clients with the quality of our services and our attitude. We exceed the expectations of our clients

We're a team

We readily help each other, working towards a common result. We are open and trusting of our colleagues. We treat each other with respect. We help our colleagues grow and develop


We give people confidence and reliability, we make their lives better by helping them realise aspirations and dreams



We work according to Agile, Scrum principles and are proud of it


Agile is an iterative approach to project management and software development that helps teams deliver value to customers faster and with fewer problems


The main idea behind Lean is to maximise value for the customer while minimising costs. Simply put, more value = fewer resources


A lightweight framework that helps people, teams and organisations create value through adaptive solutions to complex problems

Top management

Ivan Barysiuk



Aleksandr Dymar



Mihail Panasiuk

Tech Lead

Key moments of the company's formation and development
21 April 2018

Alexander, an existing real estate agency marketer, and Ivan, a Web-application developer for a British company, decided to start an entrepreneurial activity

14 August 2019

Opening of the first development office in Brest, Belarus

20 February 2020

Release of 4 major projects covering 4 countries and more than 100 thousand users, whose customers continue to work with us to this day.

10 March 2019

Successful launch of a geo-marketing product that became a growth driver for the company

26 October 2019

Reorganisation of the company into an LLC and entry into the international market

To be continued!

We have no intention of stopping there and continue to create our unique story....


Clients continue to work with us

3 years

A unique experience


Initiatives voiced, adopted and implemented by the team

3 minutes

Average response time to a customer's message

The company is represented in

Brest, Warsaw, Minsk and Batumi

Our clients

Clients from different countries work with us. For example: the USA, Poland, Georgia, the United Arab Emirates and many others

In our work we use modern technologies such as Vue, React, Node.js, Go and others

The cost of the project is based on the composition of the team of specialists involved in your project, as well as the cost per hour of each specialist based on their role in the project

Education Centre
As part of the company's activities, we work to increase the level of knowledge of people. We will be happy to share our knowledge with your employees. Each of the projects is more than just development. We try to develop ideas, employees, and look for challenges - this is the main value for us. Contact our manager and find out more about this direction
Frequent cases of involving our team
Start of work of a new department or product of the company

The cheapest and most painless way to develop new areas of activity. We are ready to develop your company and share our work experience. We will help with hiring people and transferring all knowledge and best practices to them. We provide further consulting support

Migration and modernization of technical solutions

Attracting additional professional resources to assess the possibility and implementation of software modernization in order to speed up both the speed of the system and the speed of development and implementation of new functions in general

Full outsourced work

Implementation of customer projects from idea to release, as well as its further stage-by-stage refinement, without worries about hiring and developing our own staff of specialists


Support and refinement of already created technical solutions in order to maintain their performance and relevance



Each photo uploaded to the resource is saved in several versions. These options provide for displaying images in webp and jpeg format, as well as several options for various screen sizes.


Do you want to work with us?

What will happen next?
  1. Our experienced specialist will contact you after carefully analyzing your requirements and needs.
  2. We will listen to you and offer the best solutions, specifically tailored to your needs.
  3. We will work step by step to achieve your goals, ensuring transparency and effective communication.
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WebDad's mission is to develop a business ecosystem that will help automate processes and save time for businesses and people for new achievements, innovation and creativity.

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