Customization of contextual advertising in Yandex/Google

Contextual advertising is the most effective Internet marketing tool.


What's it?

Contextual advertising is the most effective Internet marketing tool. Working principle: the user searches for Your product in the search engine (Yandex, Google), and in response to the query is displayed first, Your links to the site on which users are likely to click. After a user has visited your site, but has not made an order or purchase, we “catch up” with advertising on all sites.

What do you get with well-tuned contextual advertising:

Our work is based on the principles of transparency of our steps and actions:

Traffic efficiency

Your ads will be seen only by those users who are really interested in buying certain goods and services.

Flexibility of the advertising campaign

This provides for the ability to edit the ad at any time, change the CPC bid and the list of keywords.

Accuracy of hitting the target audience

By reflecting various nuances in the text of your ad, you will be able to exclude disinterested visitors.


Contextual advertising allows you to distribute information about almost any type of goods and services.

When do you need contextual advertising from Webdad?


Not enough orders

Do you want more sales, but the advertising budget is limited or the market capacity has dried up.


Advertising doesn't pay off well

Clicks are too expensive, applications are rarely received, and the cost of attracting a client is high.


Slow contractor

You need operational adjustments, but the contextologist makes edits for 3-4 days.


I would like to make advertising more effective

Average advertising results. We will do a free account audit and indicate the points of growth.

We answer the questions

Why do I see only my competitors in YAN?

Perhaps your competitors are spending more money on YAN. We focus on results, and if search campaigns work better, we can reduce network spending to a minimum, leaving only the most effective directions.

Why can the cost of an application change almost 2 times from week to week?

Это может быть обусловлено колебанием спроса, активностью конкурентов, изменением акционных предложений на вашем сайте, и даже стабильностью работы вашего ресурса.

How much money on our topic do we need to allocate for context?

We can tell. To do this, we need to assess the market capacity, competition in this area and find out your capacity for the maximum / minimum amount of processing incoming requests.

Now there are very few applications, only 5. What should I do to get 40?

Increase your budget and optimize your advertising campaign to increase conversion. However, in some types of business, the audience is so narrow that it is almost impossible to get 40 applications by means of contextual advertising, there is simply no demand on the market. But it can be created — for this we recommend using content marketing and image advertising.

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