Setting up contextual advertising in Yandex/Google

Contextual advertising is the most effective internet marketing tool.

What's that?

Contextual advertising is the most effective Internet marketing tool. The principle of operation: the user searches for your product in a search engine (Yandex, Google), and in response to the request - the first displayed are your links to the site, which users most often click on. After the user has visited your site, but has not made an order or purchase, we "catch up" him with advertising on all sites.

When do you need contextual advertising from WebDad?


Not enough orders

You want more sales, but the advertising budget is limited or the market capacity has dried up.


Advertising doesn't pay off well

Clicks are too expensive, requests are rare, and the cost of customer acquisition is high.


Slow contractor

You need quick adjustments, but a contextologist makes edits for 3-4 days at a time.


I would like to make advertising more effective

Average advertising results. We'll do a free account audit and point out growth points.

Answering the questions

Why do I only see my competitors in RFCs?

RFS shows ads based on context and audience, often including competitors from your niche.

Why can the cost of an application almost double from week to week?

The cost of a bid in RFE may vary due to competition between advertisers, fluctuations in supply and demand, changes in ad rankings and other factors affecting pricing in the advertising market.

How much money do we need to allocate for context?

It is difficult to give an exact amount without additional information about your topic, goals and budget constraints. Usually, determining the budget for contextual advertising depends on the competitiveness of keywords, target audience reach and desired results.

There are very few applications right now, only 5. What can I do to get 40?

To increase the number of bids to 40, it is recommended to optimize key queries, improve ads and regularly analyze campaign results for optimal performance.

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  1. Our experienced specialist will contact you after carefully analyzing your requirements and needs.
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  3. We will work step by step to achieve your goals, ensuring transparency and effective communication.
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