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The main task of the design is to introduce the user to the page. It facilitates the user's interaction with the web page, which means it has a positive effect on conversion and behavioral factors. Thoughtful design creates the right impression about the company.


What's it?

Website design is a visual design of pages, a combination of all its graphic elements.
Previously, web design was understood exclusively as visual design, but now user convenience has come to the fore, so analytics and competent structuring of information on the site have been added to the tasks of a web designer.


What is website design for?

Speaking about what a website design is from an entrepreneur's point of view, let's say that it is needed for the convenience of visitors. During development, a lot of attention is paid to the location of content, the choice of trust triggers and capture elements.

The design of the company's website focuses on the necessary elements. A good design forms a correct idea of the company.

Which websites do we design in WEBDAD?


Landing Page Design

This is the creation of a single page of the site, the sole purpose of which is to sell a service or a product, sometimes the goal is to pass a survey, get a customer contact.


Business card website design

Creating a business card website is ordered to tell potential customers about yourself or your company. The pages of such a web resource contain information about the organization.


Online store design

This is the creation of a design of a full-fledged platform for online trading. The online store includes the ability to select a product on the website and purchase it using online payment systems.


Design of the Internet portal

Creating a virtual platform with a large number of interactive services and functions. Such a resource includes many functions and services, including even providing links to other websites.

Speaking of modern websites, we cannot ignore the issue of adaptability. In the era of smartphones, people mostly browse the web and make purchases from their phone. And if the site does not adapt to various devices, its owner loses a significant part of potential customers.

We use adaptive design in our work. It allows you to display the page correctly both on the screen of your phone or tablet, and on a large monitor or TV. Accordingly, while competitors will be engaged in decorating the PC version of their sites, your business will provide its customers with a high-quality and well-designed mobile version of the site, which will distinguish your business from competitors.

What are the stages of creating a website?

We analyze the target audience, thanks to this information we create a website layout.


We coordinate the layout of the site with the customer. After the edits, we think over the necessary functionality, implement usability.


We create a website design, and then coordinate it with the customer.


Your design is ready and it can be transferred to development!


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