Application design

When designing the system, we take into account the specifics of creating the design of the software and mobile application, but the emphasis is on the intuitive display of the entire interface.


What's it?

Application design is the visual appearance of a program that is tailored to user behavior.
If you want users to choose your application among hundreds of others, you need to make them fall in love with your product as soon as possible. According to research, the user needs only 7 seconds to decide whether he likes the application or not.


What is web application design?

A web application is a hybrid of a website and a mobile application that works through the user's browser by analogy with a mobile one, while an Internet connection is optional. The design of web applications and services is a service that will help make your business processes crystal clear
and understandable to both employees and customers of the company.

A web application differs from a regular website in its convenience when the user actively interacts with the interface - a quick response, a reaction without reloading pages. But the line between a web application and a website is very thin.

How do we create web applications?

We audit the target audience and investigate the client. In order to better understand the field of work.


We think over the functionality of the application and create a prototype of the application.


Based on the prototype, we select colors, photos and create a design for further coordination with the customer.


Your design is ready and can be transferred to development!


Creating an application design is definitely one of the most progressive ways to invest time and resources in the development of the company today, because its implementation allows you to automate business processes for both employees and staff.

According to research, a well-designed user interface increases the conversion rate by more than 200%. And if you manage to increase customer retention by at least 5%, the profit will increase by more than 25%.


What is mobile app design?

A mobile application is a software specially designed for the functionality of gadgets. The purpose of the software can be very diverse: services, shops, entertainment, online assistants and more. These applications are downloaded and installed by the user through mobile marketplaces.

Thoughtful design of mobile applications helps to attract the attention of users and achieve commercial success.

How do we create a mobile app?

We collect information and requirements from the customer, and then analyze his target audience for a better understanding of the product being created.


We think over the architecture and navigation of the application, demonstrate it in prototypes and test the functionality thanks to them.


We create the design of the application, give it to the customer for approval. Based on the edits, we refine and analyze the design.


Your design is ready and can be transferred to development!


Advantages of creating an application design for a company

It's easier to solve problems

If you pay close attention to UI/UX design and user opinion from the very beginning, you will be able to find problematic moments in the early stages of the project.

Inspiration for new ideas

Be inspired by end-user feedback and implement the features they really need.

Quick entry into the market

With a ready-made design concept, you can already get user feedback and understand whether your product is needed by the market. It remains only to transfer it to development — usually it takes 3-6 months.

Profit guarantee

Investing time and money in creating an application design will definitely pay off, besides you will have a competitive advantage.

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