Sophienwald is a classic e-commerce project created on the NUXT framework.

Ион Оборочану
Генеральный Директор

Этот проект отражает наш опыт и успех в работе над сложными задачами

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Project objective

Finalize an existing project in order to automate online sales.

The customer is an official reseller of wine glasses and accessories of European brands.


Code base optimization

We systematized the reused code fragments, which accelerated further improvements to the site, and also fixed a large number of errors.

We replaced the outdated jQuery library with the reactive Vue framework, which helped to increase the speed of the site.

We updated the libraries to new versions, which eliminated some of the security risks of the product.


Integration of the payment system

Thanks to this functionality, users have the opportunity to choose goods and delivery locations with cost calculation, as well as the ability to pay with a card of any bank.

The generated and paid applications were synchronized with the customer's CRM system, which reduced the burden on sales managers.


Continuous integration and delivery

Users received platform updates extremely rarely, which did not allow them to respond promptly to their needs and requests. In order to eliminate this problem, we have increased the publication of new versions of the product.

Weekly automatic delivery of new versions allowed customers and employees of the customer to influence the development of the platform through frequent feedback.


Semantic optimization and SEO

The development team has expanded the possibilities for search engine optimization of products and content on the site.

Much attention was paid to checking the correctness of the markup and the use of HTML tags. Additional attributes for images are set.

External links of the resource were hidden from indexing.

Vue JS





We use the following stack of technologies to develop the interface, but are not limited to them.

developers worked on the project


months from the beginning to the end of the project


site performance after development


dynamic collections of glasses created

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