Intezo company is engaged in the installation of stretch ceilings and are professionals in their field.

Ион Оборочану
Генеральный Директор

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Project objective

Design a user interface for a corporate website. Prepare layout for delivery to development.

Intezo has been installing stretch ceilings since 2007. Since 2017, he has been designing, manufacturing and supplying ready-made structures for two-level stretch ceilings.


Component Library

First of all, a corporate website should tell the user about where he got to, about the company, its services and offers, its history and corporate values. About the advantages and merits of the company.

The site turned out to be quite voluminous, so in the course of its design, we quite often reused the same design components. This helped to greatly accelerate and save the customer's budget.


Ready-made solutions

In order to increase the trust of users and show the level of professionalism of the company, we have placed the top ready-made solutions in one of the prominent places.

So that the user can immediately assess the level of skill that you can provide him, the best way is to show your portfolio. Those projects that will show the range of your skills and competencies.



The site is very interactive. This allows the user to interact with it, leave their data on it.

In order to be able to configure targeted or contextual advertising more precisely in the future, it is always necessary to have the data of our potential customers who, in theory, may be interested in the services provided by the company.

Almost always, a highly interactive site will collect more data from more customers.


Video reviews

We have implemented reviews in video format, which will help in the best way to gain the trust of future customers of the company.

A live conversational video will best demonstrate to users that the reviews were left by live real people. This is much more effective than the usual written reviews.



More than seventy percent of Internet users are online using a smartphone. To make a version only for personal computers, and to bypass mobile devices would be very rash.

Therefore, it is extremely important to adapt the site to mobile devices, since today huge traffic flows are generated precisely thanks to mobile devices.



Adobe XD


We use the following technology stack to develop the interface.







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