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Ион Оборочану
Генеральный Директор

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Project objective

The creation of the design, and then the subsequent development of the site for the developer of the quarters of the city of Brest. The site should reflect the premium nature of the sphere, as well as provide the user with all the necessary information to facilitate the purchase of luxury housing.


Sending applications to Telegram

One of the customer's requirements was to provide convenient, automated customer feedback. Based on this, we implemented sending applications from the form to Telegram. Nowadays it is very difficult to imagine a website that does not have a feedback form, this is the most familiar way to order a product or service. Thanks to the Telegram API, we have set up a quick sending of this data to a special Telegram chat. It is less convenient to work with mail than with the usual messenger, applications are received very quickly and conveniently.


Modern design

A design was created for the site from scratch. The customer provided us with a logo and corporate colors, from which we started when selecting design solutions. Thus, a full-fledged design system was created, as well as prototypes and page frames that were transferred to development.


Customization of the map to display the nearest infrastructure

For the convenience of users and to increase the conversion of the site, we decided to customize the map, which, in addition to the location of the building itself, would also reflect the infrastructure that is located next to the residential building.

We identified the most favorable infrastructure for users and marked them on maps, and then transferred the map to our website.


Possibility to choose the floor layout

A functional is connected to the site, which helps the user to facilitate the choice and familiarize himself with the layout of the floor and apartment in advance. 

The client can see the necessary information about the layouts in a special block when clicking on the button.







We use the following stack of technologies to develop the interface, but are not limited to them.
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