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Ион Оборочану
Генеральный Директор

Этот проект отражает наш опыт и успех в работе над сложными задачами

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Project objective

To develop an Internet portal for creating promo sites of brands represented in the catalog site in order to generate additional traffic and sales.

The customer is an official reseller of wine glasses and accessories of European brands.


Increasing the photo upload speed

Each uploaded photo to the resource is saved in several ways.
These options provide for displaying images in webp and jpeg format, as well as several options for various screen extensions.

Thus, modern mobile devices with small screen sizes can load the optimal image formats and sizes for themselves without visible changes.


Individual order of sections

A team of designers and programmers has developed a wide set of sections that allows the resource administrator to create individual brand sales pages designed in a single color, font and style design.


Working with domains and subdomains

To increase the position of the search results, the development team implemented the possibility of linking different domains and subdomains to the same software.

Thus, a user interested in brand representation can get access to an individual brand website with the possibility of buying in the customer's main online store.


Convenient administrative panel

To ensure the convenience of filling in the content by the administrator, an individual administrative panel has been developed with extensive customization options and a user-friendly graphical interface.

The display of the blocks corresponded to the actual content on the site.Implemented system settings for the work of an SEO specialist.


Vue JS






We use the following stack of technologies to develop the interface, but are not limited to them.

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