Setting up targeted advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not only a social network that is most often used for business dating and recruiting, but also a marketing tool. You can use it to create advertisements and target relevant audiences.


What's it?

The LinkedIn social network is more suitable for the B2B segment. The choice of advertising settings is quite wide and includes geographical, demographic, and professional criteria, which helps the advertising campaign to accurately interact with the desired target audience.

What do you get with the right targeting setup:

Our work is based on the principles of transparency of our steps and actions:

Great audience reach potential

Обновления и показ новостей в сети происходит всем пользователям, проявившим интерес к продукту, независимо от их подписки.

Business profile as the official website of the company

Using a business profile as an official website of the company is placing relevant content of the company on the page and promoting the product in the social network environment.

Extensive analytical capabilities

Availability of statistics on all indicators (views, ratings, comments, etc.).

E-mail marketing

Formation of a database of interested subscribers for sending emails.

A well-configured target from Webdad allows you to:


Interact with and engage the target audience


Increase the awareness of a product or service


Increase sales and attract additional traffic to the site


To form the brand image and its tone of voice

Stages of promotion on LinkedIn:

We determine your target audience and also analyze the market: competitors, their strengths and weaknesses. We set the key performance indicators of the advertising company.


We choose the type of advertising, coordinate the budget for it. If necessary, we create a LinkedIn account and content for it.


We create advertising content, launch an advertising campaign. Then we analyze it and compile a report for the client.


Your ad has been successfully launched!


We answer the questions

Why do you need advertising on LinkedIn, and for whom is it suitable?

It is quite difficult for B2B companies to choose suitable advertising platforms. LinkedIn, like other platforms, has a number of advantages. And before you start advertising on LinkedIn, you need to understand how this platform is suitable for your business. There are several criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of LinkedIn for business advertising.

What budget is needed to start?

If you decide to try LinkedIn advertising for the first time, then first conduct test campaigns. They will help you determine the optimal budget. $500 - $1000 is enough to conduct tests. The minimum budget for test campaigns can vary up to $300 - that's how much is needed to get statistically significant results.

What is the most effective targeting option?

Job titles are one of the most popular and effective targeting options. LinkedIn is a platform for business and career, so people always leave the most accurate data about their position and work here. Targeting by Job Titles is a unique opportunity for you to show advertising of your product or service to the target audience.

Which offers work best?

Increase your budget and optimize your advertising campaign to increase conversion. However, in some types of business, the audience is so narrow that it is almost impossible to get 40 applications by means of contextual advertising, there is simply no demand on the market. But it can be created — for this we recommend using content marketing and image advertising.

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