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Ideal for companies that want to post information about themselves and their services on the Internet.

Our company is engaged in the development of modern MPA, PWA sites

MPA (multi-page application)

MPA sites are web applications that consist of several pages, each of which is downloaded separately from the server. They are well suited for sites that do not require frequent data updates, for example, online stores or information sites.

PWA (progressive web application)

PWA sites are web applications that can work offline and be installed on the user's device as a regular mobile application. They are well suited for sites that require frequent data updates, such as news portals or social networks.

Advantages of MPA sites


Fast loading

MPas load only the part of the content that is needed on the current page, so they usually open faster.


Better indexing by search engines

Search engines better index each page separately, which can increase the visibility of the site in search results.


Improved user experience

MPas can be user-friendly, as they make it easy to navigate the site without reloading the page.


Best offline support

MPas can work even if the user does not have an internet connection, as they can be downloaded and run in the browser.


Which is better a wordpress site or an MPA site ?

Both types of sites have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on the specific needs and goals of your business.

WordPress sites are one of the most popular platforms for creating websites. They have a variety of themes and plugins that allow you to quickly and easily create various types of sites, from a blog to an online store. They also have a simple management interface that allows non-technically gifted users to easily manage the site.

On the other hand, MPA sites are more complex and flexible. They can offer more sophisticated interactive elements and features, such as online chats and personalized recommendations. They also give more control over the appearance and behavior of the site.

In general, the choice between a WordPress site and an MPA site depends on what you need. If you need a quick and easy way to create a website with ready-made templates and a lot of add-ons, then a WordPress site may be a good choice. If you need a more complex and flexible website with unique features

MPA websites for business

Online stores

MPA sites can help you develop various features for buyers, such as personalized recommendations, online chats and site search.

Food or taxi ordering services

MPA sites can help you develop a function for ordering food or taxi through a website.

Learning Resources

MPA sites can be useful for sites that offer online training or courses, as they can help you develop features such as tests, online classes and video tutorials.

Tourism and travel services

MPA sites can help you develop features for finding and booking hotels, flights and excursions.

Non-profit organizations

MPA sites can help you develop fundraising features, event registration, and other features that will help your nonprofit achieve its goals.

Product catalogs

MPA sites can help you develop product search, filtering and sorting functions, as well as interactive photos and videos to display products.

Restaurants and cafes

MPA sites can help you develop online ordering, reviews and ratings features to help visitors make the best choice.

Companies offering services

MPA sites can help you develop functions for signing up for services, online consultations and payment for services.

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