Website redesign

The redesign helps to rethink functions that are difficult for users or blocks of content on which users were lost and could not perform the actions necessary for us on the site, correcting these elements we will be able to increase conversion and convenience for the end user.


What's it?

Website redesign is a complex work aimed not only at changing the design of the site. This service allows you to improve the structure, functionality and content, in order to improve the quality of usability, and in other words, the convenience of using the resource.

What types of redesign do we provide?


We offer a change in the design, color theme and appearance of the site. It is suitable in cases when the old site is convenient, but the design is outdated and does not correspond to modern trends, reducing user traffic.


Its purpose is to add new features. This requires refinement and scaling of the structure. This usually happens when scaling a project.


It is needed to eliminate errors, optimize page loading speed. This is an important stage, since technical malfunctions of the site affect the reduction of traffic and user loyalty to the service.


Everything changes — from the structure to the content. It makes sense in situations where the site has not been updated for a very long time or the customer is not satisfied with the state of the site at the moment.

What are the stages of website redesign?

We audit the site and analyze its usability.


We analyze the target audience. Based on the data from all the analyses, we make a prototype of the future site.


We select the necessary colors, photos, icons and create a website design. We coordinate the layout design with the customer.


Your design is ready and it can be transferred to development!


Redesign will not be useful if you do not formulate the problem: why exactly you need to update the site.

Website redesign is not just about improving its appearance. This is a whole range of possible modernization measures, thanks to which the site always remains relevant and functional. Before offering possible redesign solutions, we conduct a thorough audit of the site and offer only effective and thoughtful options in the end.

When do I need a website redesign?

If the site is poorly promoted in search engines

A whole set of changes is required to help increase the efficiency of the resource. Modernization will affect not only the design of the site, but also its interface and structure.

If the appearance of the site is outdated

Almost every day there are new visual trends, components, "chips", functionality. The more responsive a website is to new trends in web design, the more attractive it is in the eyes of users.

If the site uses a template design

Template design is not always a bad thing. But if you look at the top sites on a certain topic, it is unlikely that you will see template sites in the top ten. Serious companies have high-quality websites with a unique design.

If the site contains a lot of technical errors

In this case, the number of refusals increases, the number of visitors decreases, the site as a whole does not fulfill its goals. In the process of redesign and modernization of the site, technical errors are corrected, the efficiency of the resource increases.

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