Sewing.Tut is a team of professionals engaged in sewing children's clothing, pillows, and other high-quality children's textile products.

Ион Оборочану
Генеральный Директор

Этот проект отражает наш опыт и успех в работе над сложными задачами

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Project objective

Develop and implement a project of a modern online store with the ability to order and pay for products online.

Sewingtut is a Brest team of professionals engaged in sewing children's clothing, pillows, and other high-quality children's textile products.


Modular grid

For the first time on the site, the user will understand from the first seconds exactly where he got thanks to a well-designed design and a system of prompts that will guide him right up to making a purchase.

In our design, we have clearly delineated the content in order to help the user not get confused on the site and perform the target action faster.


Interactive banner

We designed the banner in such a way that the user could see the product in real conditions, as well as instantly go to the product card.

Interactivity helps to attract the user into the process of exploring the site. This saves you from banal and boring scrolling, makes you take part. Also, interactivity contributes to the fact that the site will be remembered and will most likely return.


Fast navigation

Due to the large assortment, it was important for us to design a convenient and fast navigation through the catalog and the site as a whole.

Convenient site navigation will not allow the user to get lost among a large number of pages. He will always be able to get to the right part of the site in the least number of steps.

Even if the user, after going to the site, does not get to the main page, he will easily be able to find it and move there in one click.


Shopping from the shopping cart

In order to save the user's time and not force him to take additional steps, we have placed the payment system directly in the shopping cart.

Thus, in order to make a purchase, the user needs to complete only 2 steps. Add the product to the cart and fill out the payment form directly from the cart.

The delivery order form is also filled in the shopping cart and does not require separate actions.


Dark theme

For accessibility and convenience of reading information in any light, we have developed a version of the site in dark colors.

The dark theme has become extremely popular in recent years and its popularity is not decreasing. The ability to change the theme to dark not only allows users to reduce the load on their eyesight, but also allows the site to become more attractive.



It was extremely important to adapt the site to mobile devices, since today huge traffic flows are generated precisely thanks to mobile devices.

More than half of active and able-bodied users buy online using their smartphones. And if your site is not optimized for mobile devices, you lose profit every minute.








We use the following stack of technologies to develop the interface, but are not limited to them.

the developer worked on the project


months from the beginning to the end of the project


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