A business card website for an online piano school with a unique design.

Ион Оборочану
Генеральный Директор

Этот проект отражает наш опыт и успех в работе над сложными задачами

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Project objective

We needed to design and develop a landing page for an online piano school teacher. Create a corporate identity that emphasizes the premium and effectiveness of individual training.


Personal brand

With the help of the landing page, the customer positions himself as a teacher of a premium course of online classes and builds a brand that increases the recognition and prestige of training.</p><p>We have achieved an increase in user recognition and trust thanks to a combination of a bright and contrasting color palette, as well as a specially selected font pair, which is great for sites of similar subjects.


Video reviews

The review shows current students, as well as graduates of the online school, who tell and show what they have learned during the course. Under each review there is a current student's training period and future clients can evaluate the effectiveness of the teacher.


Social network

The customer actively conducts social networks, in particular Instagram, where he announces the curriculum, recruitment for the course and simply communicates with the target audience.

In order to be able to go to social networks, we have placed links to them on the landing page.


Current issues

The customer often had to answer the same questions from potential customers. Specifically to solve this problem, a block with answers to the most frequent and relevant of them was created on the landing page.


New generation technologies

The site is developed using the modern Vue framework and SSR technology. This helps to achieve high speed of the site, unique flexibility in the implementation of tasks, and also contains a huge potential for the development of the project as a whole.

We made this decision after discussing the customer's desire to develop the site into a full-fledged platform for online piano learning. Standard solutions from competitors on designers and CMS systems WordPress Joomla and others would not be able to ensure the systematic development of the platform without compromising development time and productivity.


Full compliance with the high standards of Google PageSpeed

The loading speed, smooth operation and weight of the site are the main criteria for user comfort on the site. This was the case until March 2021. The turning point was the introduction of these indicators into the ranking system of sites in search results. Thus, Google began to show fast and convenient sites for users on the top lines more often, and slow, but sites sewn with keywords began to lose ground.

This site was our first project to support this decision. The expectations were fully met. Just 2 weeks after the site was published on the newly purchased domain and with the basic setting of titles and descriptions, the site instantly appeared on the first pages of the issue.


Yes, who are these emails and backends of yours

Most often, a completed form on the website sends information to the owner's email address. This template solution did not match the pace of the customer. After a short discussion, we quickly came to the conclusion that the best way to collect applications would be a telegram chat, where you can quickly not only receive a notification, but also find an application by date, as well as contact the customer in the same messenger in a few clicks.

It is not only convenient, but also cheap. Thanks to modern VUE and SSR technologies, the team did not have to develop additional software solutions or integrations. Everything is implemented in one request and 20 lines of code, which took no more than an hour. And no dancing with a tambourine and mail settings. And the telegram chat and the bot for receiving notifications were created by the customer himself on the first attempt.

Adobe XD






We use the following stack of technologies to develop the interface, but are not limited to them.

the developer worked on the project


month was spent on the creation and approval of the design


weeks from the start to the end of the project


page loading speed after development

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