AddSeller is a web application for bulk orders and special deliveries of exclusive wine accessories.

Ион Оборочану
Генеральный Директор

Этот проект отражает наш опыт и успех в работе над сложными задачами

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Project objective

To develop a centralized system of operational distribution of goods.

The platform makes it easier for suppliers and businesses to do business.


The Add Landing administrative panel is implemented

The AddLanding project was implemented specifically for this project at the request of the customer. AddLanding is an online portal for creating promo sites of brands represented in the catalog site in order to generate additional traffic and sales. The project has an individual administrative panel with extensive customization options and a user-friendly graphical interface.


Personal account

For the convenience of dealers, a personal account for each user has been created and thought out. It includes such functionality as: viewing news, creating various delivery addresses, filling in customer details, viewing training and promo videos, creating several cards of order recipients, as well as editing and deleting information from your personal account and receiving notifications.


Generating documents in XML and Excel format

There is a possibility to generate documents in your personal account. When the user clicks on the button, a document is generated that reflects the availability of certain products on the site. These documents can be uploaded in Excel format for integration into the dealer's own system, or in XML format, any of these documents can be printed.


Chat with the manager and coordinator

According to research, about 77% of customers are not ready to make a purchase through the site if there is no chat with a consultant. Chat on the site has become the main channel of customer support. It allows you to get answers to questions in real time and solve many problems remotely. In the chat, the user can get an answer to any questions that interest him, as well as share files.




Vue JS


We use the following stack of technologies to develop the interface, but are not limited to them.

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