Launch of targeted advertising in the field of cosmetology

Ион Оборочану
Генеральный Директор

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Project objective

To increase the customer base and increase sales figures through Instagram.

The customer is a cosmetology salon in the Russian Federation, the city of Samara.


What was done

We launched an advertisement with an offer of a 50% discount on the "Facial Cleansing" procedure (1300 RUB instead of 2500), we chose an inexpensive service for advertising, in order to get more incoming applications.

As a result, after the first procedure, the client signed up for a whole course of procedures, and other services were also sold in the salon, so it is difficult to overestimate the benefits of this approach, here we also add the client's LTV (profit from one client for all time) and word of mouth.


What has been achieved

11,054.60 RUB were spent, 88 leads were received from 18 clients, the total cost of attracting one client is 614 RUB, the cost of the lead is 125.6 RUB, the cost per click is 13.68 RUB.


Google Ads

Yandex Direct

We use the following stack of technologies to promote, but are not limited to them.

weeks of advertising work

11 054,60 RUB

spent on advertising


customers arrived during the advertising period

125,6 RUB

the cost of attracting a lead

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